Contacts and Useful Links

For Program Information, Upcoming Events and Workshops:

Dr. Mark Daniels
Clinical Professor, Mathematics / Associate Director, UTeach University of Texas at Austin

Useful Links:

Academy of Inquiry Based Learning (AIBL) - a website and online member community for the Academy of Inquiry Based Learning, created to support a dynamic environment, where people interested in IBL can interact and exchange ideas. 

Journal of Inquiry Based Learning in Mathematics (JIBLM) - publishes university-level course notes that are freely downloadable, professionally refereed, and classroom-tested.

Inquiry Based Learning Project - learn more on how IBL teaching methods are used in Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Michael Starbird - is a University Distinguished Teaching Professor of Mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin. Available for speaking engagements, he has given hundreds of lectures and dozens of workshops on effective teaching and effective thinking.

Mathematics Department, University of Texas at Austin - active in the field of Inquiry Based Learning for Mathematics.

Educational Advancement Foundation - supporting the development and implementation of inquiry-based learning at all educational levels in the United States, particularly in the fields of mathematics and science.

The Legacy of R.L. Moore - information about his life and legacy and about how that legacy can continue to inspire other teachers and learners.